Sebastian Müller - Simplify Your Training

Yeah, that’s me

Hey, how are you? I am Sebastian Müller, founder of Simplify Your Training and these are the things that I believe in:

  • effective training should be uncomplicated and simple
  • uncomplicated training is always fun, regardless of the goal
  • simple training techniques make it possible to start within your own limits – no matter where you come from – and it’s possible to extend them gradually, regardless of age, experience and former injuries
  • it’s possible to see training as a part of a precious life
  • each and everyone can be an important role model when it comes to getting to movement and training
  • it’s important to take over responsibility for yourself, your training and your own life

My goal? To show you that this is possible. I will help you to find answers. These are some questions that you might have asked yourself:

  • How can I find an uncomplicated way to start my training (what does an easy training plan consist of)?
  • Which exercises are best for me?
  • What do I have to keep in mind while training (to be successful)?
  • Where do I find uncomplicated training principles (with which I will quickly reach my goals)?
  • What kind of training won’t put additional pressure one me, especially during stressful days, but will make me stronger instead
  • How do I take responsibility for my training?

Or maybe you are only looking (for new training ideas, possibilities to motivate yourself, for a platform on which you can talk to others)…

… you found the RIGHT place!

How Simplify Your Training will help you be successful in improving your physical performance, so that moving and training will become a part of your life.

Andreas Tenzer hits the mark, „Simplicity is the voluntary constraint on the basics“ I’ll show you the basics to train effectively.

Sebastian Müller - Simplify Your Training

Teaching Strength Athletes in Germany

That’s the offer:

I think that people who want to take charge of their own life in these stressful times HAVE to take responsibility of their own training, have to set the right priorities, have to define their goals and have to acknowledge their problems, to solve them.

How do you find time for this next to stressful everyday life… a full-time job… time with family?

Instead of studying hundreds of books, constantly buying the latest fitness magazines, just to waste valuable time with the latest trends of so called „experts“….

…become a part of the SYT Community and you will get training techniques and exercises from accomplished strength and condition trainers, techniques that have been working for decades, and of course my experience of working with clients and my personal training.

And the best part? I go without the whole chitchat and will only show you what really works and how you can integrate these things into your training.

All because I have done the same and am still continuing on this path, that’s why I can show you how to integrate this knowledge into your training today.

Introduction Simplify Your Training 
(The Blog)

Simplify Your Training is a quickly growing community of trainers, athletes and readers, who want more… more success in their training… more and faster results… more efficient training techniques. The main part of Simplify Your Training is the blog.

What it’s about:

Simplify Your Training, the blog, is the domain in which you get uncomplicated training workouts, effective exercises and tested knowledge about setting goals, fitting training plans and tips to follow them. Here, you can choose what you are interested in at the moment.

At work…

About Sebastian Müller

Simplify Your Training was founded by Sebastian Müller. Sebastian is a personal trainer from Erfurt and teaches seminars all over Germany.

After over 17 years of training, the founding of the first kettlebell studio in Thuringia, the administration of the Kraft- und Bewegungsakademie (Kraba) in Erfurt and a fierce love of blogging, Sebastian now focuses on what he likes the most. To convert people to a simple way to train and to make this a part of their life.

You will realise that his interpretation of an uncomplicated training is quite effective. He was able to try a lot of things while being a trainer for the past years and he has applied these techniques to his own training and training with clients and participants of his seminars – all quite successful.