Renegade Diet - Build Muscle - Lose Fat

Renegade Diet – From A Warrior To A Fighter To A Renegade

If you are disciplined with your nutrition for years without the desired results, it may happen that you become a renegade. Same here! For years, I was stuck in the nutritional trap of the modern fitness industry. I knew exactly how much grams of protein, carbohydrates and fats I should eat. I knew exactly how…

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ultimate athleticism

Ultimate Athleticism – How To Become The Ultimate Athlete

Do you dream of… …easy perform the coolest tricks with your own bodyweight, like a gymnast? … lifting two to three times your body weight off the floor? … dominating your sports? Imagine how you… … do pull ups with ease, holding the full front lever or handstand for seconds and make it look easy. … attack…

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Goblet Squat

3 Reasons Why You Should Do The Goblet Squat

You are in search of an effective squat variation which will help you learn the fundamental movement pattern of the squat in a safe way? Your search has come to an end! May I present – The Goblet Squat I have taken a firm grasp of what the goblet squat is about, at the beginning…

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5 Reasons Turkish Get Up

5 Reasons Why You Should Do The Turkish Get Up

When I started the Kettlebell training in 2009, I knew right away – the Turkish Get Up (TGU) is one of the most complete exercises there is. The TGU contains so many individual steps and movements that you can train effectively with it alone. Furthermore, the TGU is a good tool to test your current…

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the sixth fundamental movement

The Sixth Fundamental Movement – Groundwork Or Everything Else?

The sixth movement is not about “one” movement. Dan John recites the fundamental movements as follows: Push, Pull, Hinge, Squat, Loaded Carries and everything else. In his book “Intervention” he describes the sixth movement as groundwork. Thus, as fundamentals or foundation. Meant are therewith things that we did when we learned to walk in early…

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