Maximum Strength

Why You Should Improve Your Maximum Strength

I’ve had a long hard time of asking myself,„How many repetitions should I do in training? When I started training, my goal was to do as many repetitions as possible per exercise. I thought many repetitions are equal to a lot of maximum strength and power. Unfortunately, I was on the wrong track and it…

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Long-Term Fat Loss: Why You Should Eat More And Move Less

You would like a few kilos less on the scale and really do everything for it? Standing on the scale is a daily ritual of yours and you are counting every single calorie? You are the first to get up in the morning and goes for a run while everyone else is sleeping? And at…

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Farmers Walk

5 Reasons Why You Should Do The Farmers Walk

Dan John says, “If you are an athlete and integrate the farmers walk into your workout routine for three weeks, it will increase your performance of all other exercises and in competition.” If you take a more detailed look at the fundamental human movements, the prime focus should lie on “loaded carries”. And the farmers…

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Fundamental Movements

How The Fundamental Movements (Push, Pull, Hinge, Squat & Loaded Carries) Will Change Your Training Forever

There are many different philosophies when it comes to improving your own physical performance. The philosophy that I am about to present you in this article has changed my training completely. When I accidentaly came across Kettlebells 8 years ago, I noticed something. Kettlebell Training is always full body training. I was always used to…

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