Goblet Squat

3 Reasons Why You Should Do The Goblet Squat

You are in search of an effective squat variation which will help you learn the fundamental movement pattern of the squat in a safe way? Your search has come to an end! May I present – The Goblet Squat I have taken a firm grasp of what the goblet squat is about, at the beginning…

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5 Reasons Turkish Get Up

5 Reasons Why You Should Do The Turkish Get Up

When I started the Kettlebell training in 2009, I knew right away – the Turkish Get Up (TGU) is one of the most complete exercises there is. The TGU contains so many individual steps and movements that you can train effectively with it alone. Furthermore, the TGU is a good tool to test your current…

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Farmers Walk

5 Reasons Why You Should Do The Farmers Walk

Dan John says, “If you are an athlete and integrate the farmers walk into your workout routine for three weeks, it will increase your performance of all other exercises and in competition.” If you take a more detailed look at the fundamental human movements, the prime focus should lie on “loaded carries”. And the farmers…

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