Long-Term Fat Loss: Why You Should Eat More And Move Less

You would like a few kilos less on the scale and really do everything for it?

Standing on the scale is a daily ritual of yours and you are counting every single calorie?

You are the first to get up in the morning and goes for a run while everyone else is sleeping?

And at every family party you are the only one who renounces all the treats and does not indulge?

And despite all these efforts, there is little to no progress in you project “fat loss”?

Calm down.

Most people, who try to lose weight, experience the same difficulties.

It is extremely frustrating because you put in so much energy and effort without achieving the desired results.

I’ll tell you something.

It is not your fault that you are making little progress.

The problem is that the majority of people, and here I am including many health professionals, have misconceptions on how to lose body fat effectively and sustainably.

As a result, there are articles in specialised journals and magazines, which have little to do with reality.

Disclaimer: what I am writing here may shatter your small training and nutrition world. Chances are high that you do not want to believe what I have to say. And that’s all right. But if you are willing to questions a few things, read on.

The fairy tale of – eating less and moving more:

In the long run, eating less while doing a lot of exercising is contra productive when trying to lose body fat.

In the long run, hours of cardio and calorie counting in order to end up under your daily calorie requirement, makes no sense. The only thing that you communicate to your body this way, is that it has finally arrived in hell. Your body is demanded to work for hours while not getting any energy in return.

Your body’s answer: starvation mode.

„Exercise more and eat less. The way to go is doing cardio every day and only eat fruit and veggies.“ That is usually the standard answer to the question of how to lose weight. At least that is what most people who are concerned with their weight believe in.

This type of fat loss philosophy is out-dated and results, if at all, in short-term success.

This is good news. Because do you really want to do hours of cardio every single day and feed only on leaves?

What you should do instead: eat more and move less

Yes, you are reading correctly!

But stop! Before you run to your favorite fast food restaurant, please keep on reading.

In the case of food intake and in case of movement, quality is key.

Instead of counting calories, put your focus towards unprocessed foods. If there is no artificial packaging, your chances are good that it has not been processed heavily.

Some examples:
▪ Vegetables
▪ Meat – ideally organic
▪ Eggs – ideal are organic eggs
▪ Regionally grown fruit
▪ Nuts
▪ Water

If you are unsure about a product, turn it around and have a look at the packaging: if there are more than three ingredients listed, that is a bad sign.

The above products are ideal to transform your body into a fat burning machine – provided, you give him enough of it.

And the very best thing is that you may eat fast food sometimes and your body will not mind at all.

Let us get to the exercise part.

Instead of doing cardio for an hour, you should train intensively for 30 minutes.

Yes … I know, 60 minutes of cardio feels intense. But it is not! Besides, many hobby athletes do not have the physical condition to jog at all, but that is different story.

Instead of doing 10000 steps at low intensity, you should move heavy weights 10-25 times during a workout. Ideally from the ground over your head.

Within 60 minutes you can finish a complete training session inclunding warm-up and exercises covering all fundamental movement patterns.

Do this three times a week and combined with the right nutrition, I’ll guarantee that you will have trouble even eating enough calories.

I always have to smirk when members, who have been training with us for a couple of months, ask what they can do in order to not lose any more weight.

The usual response to my answer is always the same:„WHAT?!? I can not possibly eat more!”

Friends of our members are also usually the ones who say „Man … you have it well … you can eat as much as you want and just don’t gain any weight…“

Another discussion which I have had again and again, is that after so and so many minutes on the treadmill the body’s fat burning mode kicks in. And yes, I do agree. However, I have to shrug my shoulders, because I have never used a treadmill and I have been in the fat burning zone for the last six years.

Also, I have nothing against regular cardio sessions. In my opinion, it can even be very valuable as a kind of active regeneration from “actual training”. It can also be great to clear your mind. Many of my friends do morning walks in order to start the day relaxed or to relieve stress after work (which is also possible by doing an intense session, by the way).

Even some professional competitors benefit from running sessions, even though the aim is sports-specific and not based on losing body fat.

Conclusion: If you want to burn body fat in the long run and increase your fitness, you should train intensively for one to three hours a week and give your body what it deserves.

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