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Renegade Diet – From A Warrior To A Fighter To A Renegade

If you are disciplined with your nutrition for years without the desired results, it may happen that you become a renegade.

Same here! For years, I was stuck in the nutritional trap of the modern fitness industry.

I knew exactly how much grams of protein, carbohydrates and fats I should eat.

I knew exactly how many calories I should eat the day, the week, and the month.

I knew exactly when and how often I should eat in the day.

And I knew exactly that I was totally confused because none of these recommendations brought me closer to my goals.

My way from „normal“ to „renegade“.

Similar to my training and the love for Kettlebells I stumbled over an interesting article. Only this time it was about nutrition. To be exact, it was about the Warrior Diet by Ori Hofmekler. About Ori i became aware of the „Fighter Diet“ of the professional climber Jürgen Reis.

After some more research (Lean Gains by Martin Berkhan and Eat Stop Eat by Brad Pilon), I found the Renegade Diet by Jason Ferruggia.

One thing I know for sure – if you eat like a renegade, you will not look like average, nor will you feel like average.

The change to this form of diet and the change to training only with the Kettlebell made me exotic. At least I thought that a long time.

The more i learned about simple training and simple nutrition, the more i was concerned that’s not me, who is not „normal“.

Will I just say you’re a little off the hook? Find out for yourself.

In today’s article, it is primarily about the Renegade Diet by Jason Ferruggia. And although I have shaken my head the first time i read the name of the diet, its fits perfectly.

To Jason:

Jason is a well-known strength and condition trainer from America and worked with more than 700 different athletes from different fields. His specialty is to help his clients build muscle and lose excess body fat.

I converted to renegade about six years ago. After over ten years of total confusion, how much, when and why I should eat something, I finally found my form of diet that fits perfectly into my everyday life.

The formula that turned my diet completely upside down is:

Fasting – Under Eating – Over Eating

I came across this formula about the „Warrior Diet“ and Jürgen Reis, who developed the „fighter diet“ for his coachees and readers of his books.

The Renegade Diet is also based on the Warrior Diet by Ori Hofmekler. Roughly, it is about not eating a certain time a day (fasting). Then eat a little (sub-caloric) and then eat a lot (over caloric).

Meanwhile there are some books on Intermittent Fasting (in this category, this form of nutrition falls). Still, I’ve stayed with the Renegade Diet.


Focus on health!

After a short intro in which Jason talks about his experiments before he made the Renegade Diet and why he wrote the book, it’s about the things you need to take care of right away.

Things like:

▪ too low testosterone levels
▪ too high estrogen levels
▪ too high cortisol levels
▪ Adrenal Fatigue
▪ Insufficient insulin sensitivity
▪ your liver, possible inflammation and your digestion

In short, you will get a checklist of how to fix these things and keep them in order.

After that is cleared, he cleans up with some fairy tales and nutritional myths that still today are propagated by the modern fitness industry.

It’s about classics like:

▪ Breakfast as the most important meal a day
▪ Have to eat something every two to three hours
▪ Irregular food intake leads to slow metabolism
▪ It needs tons of protein to build muscle and so on…

He cleans up with everything thoroughly and then gives a brief overview of how you should proceed with the Renegade Diet and explains why and how it works.

The following chapters deal with the fasting phase, the under eating phase and the over eating phase.

In each of the chapters he goes into detail.

In the end, he summarizes everything in a clear summary. These are the perfect reminders. Once you have read the whole book, you can simply print out the short summaries and have everything you need.

There is a separate chapter by Jason explaining how to burn fat and build up muscles in the same time. This is probably the goal of most of those who are starting training. Forming their own body.

Both are possible, however, you can focus on fat loss or building muscle. He provides recommendations and gives examples of what and how much should be eaten in the respective phases.

Also interesting is the insight into his daily routine. He explains in the chapter „What i personally do“ how his training looks and what he eats in the individual phases.

The supplements guide is well organized. He does not go overboard and recommends only the minimum. In the end, he comes to just six products for supplementing the diet.

On page 113, he summarizes the most important points and gives you a simple 12-step quick start guide. On this page I have been orientating myself since I read the book.

The book is rounded off by:

▪ the Rengade Diet rules (my favorite: buy nothing that is offered in a plastic box)
▪ an extensive shopping list (my favorite: organic eggs)
▪ Training recommendations (my favorite: he recommends the fundamental movements)
▪ a complete Q&A chapter (my favorite: how can I implement this diet as a vegetarian – i tried nine months as a vegetarian.)

Another reason I write about the Renegade Diet is because I was asked by some readers to report about how one of my days looks like, when it comes to nutrition and what recommendations I consider.

This is what most of my days looks like.

Standing up (during the week) 6:30 am:
▪ 2 glasses of water (one with lime and salt)
▪ Coffee!

Between 12-13 pm first meal:
Athletic Greens
▪ 3-4 eggs or salmon
▪ Vegetables

Between 15 and 16 pm second meal (after workout):
▪ Protein
▪ Fruits
▪ Almonds

Between 20 and 21 pm third and last meal:
▪ Eggs, fish or meat
▪ rice, potatoes or similar.
▪ plenty of vegetables

No rocket science. Bottom line I keep 80% to the guidelines of the Renegade Diet. It gives my day structure.

More important than prescriptions from books is my body feeling.

Renegade DietThe attempt to implement everything to 100% is usually not possible, in the long term. We are simply too unique and each of us needs something different.

Small tip: Even if I write, that in the long term it does not make sense to implement everything to 100 percent – it does at the beginning.

In the past, I’ve counted calories, which I think today is quite counterproductive for longtime success. However, I have learned a lot in the past and today I have a good feeling of how many calories have the meals I eat.

I’ve tried Eat Stop Eat by Brad Pilon and experimented with it. I know today that i like the health oriented approach of the renegade diet. Without trying i had no idea.

Thats the nice thing about it. You are experimenting, and you have to make compromises. In the end, you might not be able to complete 100% of the goals, but you’ve found out what 100% works for you.

The Renegade Diet has given me a valuable guide to follow. With this guide i am in the shape of my life.

Click here to download the RENEGADE DIET.

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