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Ultimate Athleticism – How To Become The Ultimate Athlete

Do you dream of…

…easy perform the coolest tricks with your own bodyweight, like a gymnast?

… lifting two to three times your body weight off the floor?

… dominating your sports?

Imagine how you…

… do pull ups with ease, holding the full front lever or handstand for seconds and make it look easy.

… attack the barbell and lift it loosely from the ground, no matter how many plates are on it.

…. to be invited every time someone move (no idea if this is an advantage) and find great pleasure in physical activities.

I’ll be honest with you. These are all my dreams. But I also know that many people share my dreams and ideas.

Max Shank must have done it.

A little more than 10 years ago, his regular training was limited to playing football. He was not able to do a pull up properly and was rather an endurance athlete with moderate mobility.

Today he is an exceptional athlete and is one of the world’s best trainers in strength and fitness.

One day he decided to change his training. He focused on bodyweight training, such as gymnastics, martial arts and strength training.

Here is a video of Max to give you a better idea of what he has to offer.

I know what you’re thinking…“I’ll never make it in my life.“

I thought the same thing when I first saw Max’s videos.

But now I think differently about it.

This quote comes to my mind; „Most people overestimate what they can accomplish in a year, but underestimate what they can accomplish in 7 years.“

In 10 years, something’s gonna work, believe me!

Using Max and his clients as an example, you can see that it is feasible.

In his gym, Ambition Athletics, recreational athletes and weekend warriors train in the same way as athletes. They perfectly implement Max’s training principles. Beginners and advanced athletes train together.

He is extremely good at scaling down the hardest exercise so that a beginner can work with it. It’s all a question of fitting regressions and progressions.

And this is where Ultimate Athleticism comes in.

All his training secrets are in this programme.

In the world of weight training, it’s dropped like a bomb. Every known trainer in America has shared and rated it.

If you consider what Max has achieved in his training and with his clients over the last few years, this is no wonder.

From the point of view of Simplify Your Training it is brilliant.

One of the most important components of Ultimate Athleticism is that it is only used which promises the greatest possible benefit. So no training time is wasted on pointless exercises or other useless things.

This also explains the fast progress of the training.

One of his personal favorite quotes from Bruce Lee sums it up: „Take what’s useful. Let go of what’s useless. And add what is your own.“

The focus of the training is on 4 exercises for the push and pull in the upper body and push and pull in the lower body:

1) The goal at upper body push: L-Press to handstand (woman: x1 / man: x10)
2) The goal at upper body pull: Front Lever (woman: 3 sec. Half tucked / Man: 5 sec. Full Lever)
3) The goal at lower body push: Airborne Lunge (woman: 0.5x body weight / man: 0.75x body weight)
4) The goal at lower body pull: Deadlift (woman: x2 body weight / man: x3 body weight)

Source: Ultimate Athleticism

He explains in detail why he chose these exercises in his program.

The training is supplemented with exercises to improve explosiveness and mobility and lots of effective assistance and activation exercises.

The very best thing, however, is that the program has the quality of movement as an absolute foundation.

Everything else is built on this basis. If you’ve been reading along for a while now, you know how much I’m convinced that the quality of movement should have absolute priority in training.

What else you got?

The manual is over 200 pages long. You will also get access to the video library where all exercises and single progressions will be shown. The tips I drew from the videos alone are worth the price. There is also a forum. Here you can ask your own questions or find many answers.

In addition to the exercises for pushing and pulling in the upper and lower body and the associated regressions or progressions, there are numerous tips and assistance exercises to get to your goal quickly.

After I had the opportunity to learn personally from Max at the first RKC II certification in Munich, the purchase of Ultimate Athleticism was a logical consequence for me. I was impatiently awaiting the program.

Why buying Ultimate Athleticism makes sense?

Look at what he can do… who wouldn’t want that?

Seriously! Even if you are not interested in reaching the goals the program is one of the best holistic training protocol of this time.

And the training is fun. So it will be an entertaining journey.

At my gym in Erfurt we train daily according to the principles and plans of Ultimate Athleticism. The results speak for themselves. My training plan is also completely attuned to Ultimate Athleticism.

If you follow Max Shank on Facebook, one of his beliefs will burn into your brain. It stands on the wall of his gym and is under each of his contributions as a hash tag.


These three words sum it up perfectly.

There’s still one of my beliefs here, though. If you really want something, look for someone who has already achieved it and learn from him.

In Max Shank I found a mentor and not only from a training perspective.

So if you’re looking for ways to quickly improve your athleticism, check out Ultimate Athleticism.

Click here for download >> Ultimate Athleticism

Who knows where you’ll be in ten years.

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